Advice from A Graduating Senior: Thomas Staley


Name: Thomas Staley

1. What made you choose LCU?

I chose LCU for three main reasons. The first was that I got a scholarship for here due to my grades, when I didn’t receive anything from Texas Tech. The second was that I heard about their Game Design program attached to their Digital Media Arts Major and really wanted to be a part of that. And finally, the third was that it was a small new start. Most of the friends I made in high school were going off to colleges out of city or to Tech, and I wanted to experience life away from those that I had known for much of my life.

2. What was your first year at LCU like? Experiences? Likes and dislikes?

My first year at LCU was definitely a handful, thanks in part to my friends I made in my orientation group. I spent countless hours late into the night hanging out with them, and the classes and Rush that I was doing also kept me busy. I didn’t really have any dislikes aside from trying to get out of my shell while being on a new campus in college, as well as talking to other people. And I have had many likes from friends, Rush, school events, or just enjoying the life on campus.

3. What has your last year been like? Experiences? Likes and dislikes?

My last year has been pretty tame compared to my other years, mainly due in part to finally being a senior and after many years of planning and taking courses, I have had the chance to relax and take only a few classes per semester. My dislikes would have to be the notion of it finally being my last year, and from here I’ll be out in the real world. The likes I have are the same as my dislikes, It’ll be a brand new chapter in my life. I’ll treasure the time I’ve had at LCU, and all of the experiences I’ve had.

4. What has been your favorite experience at LCU?

My favorite experience would have to be Rushing into the social clubs. Being able to go to each social club and experience their attitudes, their personalities, and the overall feel of the club was, is, and will be my most favorite experience at LCU.

5. Least favorite?

I really don’t have any least favorite memories of LCU and the time I’ve had.

6. What, if anything, would you change about your time at LCU?

I would change how I went about my classes, my general mindset that I had when I first arrived onto LCU campus. As well as taking the time to meet new people and have a larger group of known people on campus.

7. (Final, most important question) What advice would you give to incoming Freshmen/Students?

For all of you incoming Freshmen, or newly enrolled students, I have a few things to tell you. When you get onto campus, be social! Experience the events that are constantly happening on campus if they interest you, and also to talk to as many people as you can because you don’t truly ever know who you will meet or see. Always be attentive to the time you spend on things, or rather make sure that you are conscious of the time you spend on both fun and work so you are constantly aware. And finally, I really believe that you will find a place here on campus no matter what you have done, where you’ve been, or the things you have seen or experienced.


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