Catwalk for Kenya


Picture this. Ignore everything around you for a minute and just imagine beautiful bright colors surrounding you. People in all different styles of clothing, so intriguing that you can only pull your eyes away to feed the hunger that your sense of smell is dictating. You look over and an entire wall is covered in foods from so many different countries you can already feel your mouth watering.

March 28 was LCU’s annual Catwalk for Kenya. International Student Association and their annual food festival partnered up with ENACTUS and the work they do with Kenya’s Widows and Orphans to combine into this year’s Catwalk for Kenya.

This was my first encounter with KWO and I was excited to learn more about the culture surrounding LCU and the countries that are ingrained in the students here. I didn’t really have any expectations going in, which almost made it more exciting.

The traditional dress of the different parts of Africa were so beautiful, and the fact that students were modeling made it even better! Once we got to the food, though, they had my full attention.

After making my way through the line and vowing to try everything, even if I was fairly certain I wouldn’t like it, this is what my spot in the table looked like. Little bits of things from at least ten different countries were on our table and it was just enough to taste everything and not feel like I couldn’t try everything.

Some of the foods brought back good memories for me. The Mexican Corn I used to get on the street of San Miguel de Allende almost took me back. I could smell it coming up from the cart in the square where we’d go almost every afternoon.

The Rice Palau was phenomenal also, representing the style of rice you would receive in different varieties all over Africa. People enjoyed the Mac and Cheese and Brisket from the United States table also, getting a taste of home along with so many other cultures all at once. All of the food was phenomenal and I was so happy to donate my time to such a wonderful cause. If you couldn’t make it out I hope this makes you want to, and I also hope that ENACTUS and ISA will continue these wonderful events.


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