LYFT – A Worship Experience


Join us at 7pm on Thursday in the SUB for Spiritual Renewal Week!

This semester was the start of something new.

It’s been exciting and long awaited.

It has been prayed over and anticipated by many.

Our first meeting was refreshing. Music filled the room and people were scattered around, discussing dreams for this group, speaking prayers over whatever was going to happen in the months to come.

So many students have been a wonderful part of this experience so far, and a vision that people thought would only ever be a dream is finally coming to fruition.

On Tuesday nights in the SUB people gather under low lights with the desire to include anyone and everyone that would wish to be there and share in our desire to glorify the one true God.

In this experience we create what is hopefully a worshipful and refreshing movement.

The idea that everyone on campus should be able to worship in a way that they feel comfortable is so important and I’m incredibly excited to see where this takes off to. We’ve had an amazing response and outcome at all of our times together so far, and as we pray for more of what God is doing through this we are so thankful.

One of LYFT’s main purposes is simply to create a community at LCU in which people are free to be who they are and restore hearts through a time of worship, and I really think that has been the feel so far.

We meet, as a team, often so that we can continue to take student’s opinions into account and improve LYFT in all aspects so that everyone feels as comfortable as possible–at home.

Join us on Thursday at 7pm in the SUB for our next time of worship for Spiritual Renewal Week.


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