It Sure Ain’t Like the Stories


Stories are my favorite things. I’m not necessarily a love story kind of guy, but throw in some action, suspense or maybe just a bit of sarcasm and you have me hooked. Anything from Jane Austin to Charles Dickens to fantasy novels like The Hobbit, all the way to the occasional self-help book peaks my interest and gets me going.

Unfortunately for a ravenous book worm like myself, I have a bad habit of forming notions of how things are supposed to be in the real world based on the tales I read and the worlds I visit through books and cinema. The Cinematic Love story is by far my favorite thing to analyze because, after some serious thought, I came to realize that there is no way that it’s that easy to fall in love and be in a relationship with someone. They always skip the billions of random fights, awkward moments at the beginning where neither one knows what to say, and the dealings of doubt, frustration, nor even ridiculousness that often accompanies relationships. And not to mention the countless days where nothing specific happens, you know, the “boring days.”

Instead of showing us that love and relationships are a process, Hollywood shows us the jump cuts between the first meeting to the 5th date to the fight, breakup, and then the magical get-back-together all within a convenient two-hour window.

So, let me tell ya, it sure ain’t like the stories! (Read with heavy southern accent). There is so much more to relationships than what Hollywood shows us. The ins and outs of everyday life are the things that make the relationship genuine. It’s the painstaking minutes where you are mad at each other and you’re trying to find the right words to say because you know at the end of the day you will find a way to make up.

The moments of doubt, questions and uncertainty of, “Is this person, THE person?” The giant leap of faith it takes to be open and vulnerable with another human. To lay open your soul and your being for them to reach in and take part with you. To go on an adventure with that person is my dream and it should be your dream. Read! Dive into the stories and get lost. Watch movies! But know that Hollywood shows us fragments of the marathon known as life and bits of relationships. Seek, discover, and find that someone and learn to do life with them. It’s not going to be easy, but it can be rewarding. It may not be like the Hollywood stories, but it will be your story.

What will your story say when it’s finished?



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    No matter if you have watched a movie recently or picked up a fictional novel, you can see the pattern of love portrayed is such a way that is so fake. We all need to be aware that this isn’t what true love looks like. True love is a sacrifice. But living in a privileged country has left us all wondering, what is a sacrifice? We think we know and we have done it, though that’s not completely right. True sacrifice is a lifestyle, not just a little decision we do ever once in a while. Once we do that the blinds are taken away and we can see just how selfish the ever day version of love is.

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