First person: “Houston is home”


On Aug. 25, Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area with 50 inches of rain and leaving thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in its wake.

LCU student Ethan Morte, a junior from Houston, answered a few questions about what the situation is like for his family and friends.

What effect did it have on your daily life here in Lubbock?

Morte: The main effect it had on me in Lubbock was the amount of mental and emotional distress it caused. Houston is home. I was born there, and all of my family and childhood friends live in and around the area. To see all the familiar street names and landmarks underwater plastered all over the news – it was very hard to just sit up here, away from all the danger, and not be affected by it.

Did your family have any severe damage?

Morte: Not even a little. It was the biggest blessing. I still can’t believe how lucky we [were]. There were houses flooding not even a mile in each direction of where my family lives, but it never came any closer than that. I feel so guilty that we came out unaffected, but at the same time, it’s exactly what you would wish for.

How is the clean-up coming along?

Morte: It’s coming. I get multiple pictures a day of people stripping out the flooring and the bottom four feet of wall and insulation from their houses, and it all goes to the front lawn to be picked up. Cars that flooded are being towed out of the way. While there is still a long way to go, especially for those who lost everything, the majority of those back home are just trying to get back to a state of normalcy.

Do you feel the hurricane encouraged people to come together in a time of need despite current situations going on in America today?

Morte: Yeah, I don’t buy into all that “separated America.” It’s completely okay that people want different things and believe different things, but obviously, when other people need help, when a disaster as big as this hits, no one is going to care what color you are or who you voted for. It’s just human beings helping each other out in a time of need.

How are you doing with the aftermath?

Morte: There is a long road to recovery and healing for the city of Houston; they will bounce back and come out of this stronger than before. It’s been so amazing to see all the unconditional love and support for the entire Gulf Coast of Texas.

It’s been encouraging to see all the help that has been provided to Texas with all the negative in our world today. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone.



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