Harry Potter takes over LCU Campus


Josh Stephens casting a spell on Taylor Haynes & Jay Lokey

By: Brittany Michaleson

The eighth annual Writing Carnival took place last week with the LCU community strolling through Harry Potter-themed booths on the campus mall. Students, faculty, and staff had the chance to enjoy activities like having their fortunes told by the seer Sybil Trelawney, sending an owl to fellow students, and even competing in spell-writing contests.

Jana Anderson, assistant professor of English plans this yearly event for the LCU community.

“It’s meant to be a time to be fun and free and build community,” Anderson said. “To celebrate something that is academic – using your brain, being creative, expressing language.”

LCU Dean of Students Josh Stephens and associate dean Kecia Jackson dressed up as the characters Voldemort and Moaning Myrtle. Sophomore Alexis Carter thought this involvement of the administration and faculty “really brought everything together.”

“My favorite part was how involved the whole campus was,” Carter said. “There were fliers and posters everywhere relating different things and places to Harry Potter.”

The carnival was originally created in 2010 to “improve student connection and build community,” Anderson said. The event also includes a 24-hour reading marathon, movie nights, and a costume contest. The winners will be announced at chapel on Monday, Sept. 18.





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