How to get into the next LCU yearbook


The LCU 2017-18 “Out of the Blue” El Explorador yearbook is hot off the press and students are grabbing their copies, flipping through the pages for pictures of themselves and friends.

And at times the reaction is, “Why aren’t there pictures of  ________________?

Inevitably, there are gaps in yearbook coverage. Limited staff and resources mean it’s almost impossible to get around to every single campus activity. But this year’s yearbook staff has an answer to that.

With the new ImageShare app, you can upload your photos to next year’s El Exlporador yearbook.

Next year: Upload your own photos

If you think there are missing elements to LCU’s yearbook, or you’d just like to see your face in the 2018-2019 yearbook doing something you love, you can. When Professor Melanie Grellhesl and the yearbook staff create the 2018-19 book, they’ll use photos primarily from the ImageShare app uploaded directly by LCU students this coming summer and school year. You can even submit your own idea for the cover page design through a contest coming in the early part of the fall 2018 semester.

To start uploading your own images:

  • Step one, download the app “ImageShare.”
  • Step two, create an account and add LCU’s code 904371.
  • Step three, begin taking photos at your leisure.
  • Step four, upload your pics to the project photos and add a sub-headline.

Check out the ImageShare app at

Why your uploads matter

Professor Grellhesl believes this new process will make the yearbook much more valuable to current and future students.

“The yearbook serves as a kind of history book in the life of LCU,” she said. “We can go back 50 years and pull out the [paper]yearbooks and relive the story of the times. We can see what students were studying, current activities, style, pop culture, etc. It is all reflected in each year of the book. If you want some entertainment, go into the LCU archives area and page through the books from the ’70s and ’80s.”

She says we’ll want to do the same with our families thirty years from now. But will we be able to?

“Will our own digital photos and records be found in archives and easily retrievable in 50 years? With this yearbook, they will.”

You can join the yearbook staff

Although composed primarily of communication majors, the yearbook team is open to any LCU student, from incoming freshmen to seniors. To join, go to and register for “COM1101 Lab.” This fall the yearbook team will meet every Tuesday, 4:05 to 5 p.m..

Here are 10 reasons to join the El Explorador team:

  1. You get to meet new people.
  2. You will learn writing, editing and photography skills.
  3. It looks great on a resume.
  4. You’ll earn one elective credit.
  5. You’ll be exposed to new software (Studio Works).
  6. Your contributions will represent LCU.
  7. You get to shoot sports action from the sideline.
  8. You’ll create connections throughout the LCU Communications Department.
  9. You can make sure you’re in the book … perhaps multiple times!
  10. You’ll learn to establish and meet deadlines.

Want more information? Contact Professor Grellhesl at


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