Professor Grellhesl keeps LCU yearbook alive


This year’s yearbook staff is excited to share El Explorador 2018 with LCU students. If you haven’t received yours, email

Less than fifty percent of colleges nationwide produce yearbooks for their students, reports the Washington Post.

Luckily for LCU students, Professor Melanie Grellhesl of the Communications & Fine Arts department stepped in this year to keep the tradition of an annual LCU yearbook alive. While many students don’t take yearbooks in college as seriously as in high school, Professor Grellhesl looks to change that narrative.

“Like each person possesses their own set of fingerprints, each student in a university leaves their mark to help build the university’s story, or fingerprint,” she said. “Yearbooks record those moments which make the lines and grooves and swirls put there by the activities of students, faculty and staff.”

But in this digital age does it need to be printed? Professor Grellhesl says yes.

“Printing that yearbook allows students to put their own hands on the university fingerprint and find their place in it, thus closing the circle. LCU’s fingerprint to student fingerprint, they are one and the same,” she said.

Yearbook secrets

First off, yes, LCU has a yearbook. (Many students, including this writer, were unaware of this until this semester.) It’s called the El Explorador, and it’s been produced annually since the early 1960s.

In a recent survey after chapel, of 20 students chosen randomly. only two knew that LCU produced a student yearbook.

Another big secret: They’re free. Well, not actually free but the cost is built into tuition prices, so you’ve already paid for yours.

How to get your book

Since you’re paying for it, you might as well do your money justice and grab one!

Yearbook staff distributed books after chapel on April 20, but if you weren’t there you can still get one. Just email Professor Grellhesl at before the spring semester ends.

The people who made it happen

Along with Professor Grellhesel as yearbook advisor, the staff was led this year by co-editors Jeremy Brown and Brittany Michaleson. The rest of the staff team consisted of Abbey McCrady, Caleb Dansby, Brandon Dewberry, Keegan Stewart, Christopher Stewart, Kendra Copenhaver, Ninah Ontiveros, Anahica Duran, Maci Sparkman, Brittany Guthrie, Hedi Swenson, Nicholas Frausto, Haiden Hawkins, and Parker O’Quinn.

COMING SOON: How to make sure you’re in the pages of next year’s El Explorador.



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