Presenting Mr. and Ms. LCU 2014

At the end of each school year, LCU faculty are asked to nominate students they believe embody the spirit, values, and mission of the university. The student body is then asked to vote for Mr. and Ms. LCU from a selection of six finalists (three men and three women). This year's finalists included...

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Posted in Campus Profile on Apr. 21, 2014 by Staff

Take a Moment to Marvel at Marvel

At the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier last Friday, fans of the comic heroes flew into an excited uproar. Flew like the Falcon, a new hero introduced in the movie. The movie has been a huge cinematic success since its opening weekend. Many movie-goers have called it the best Marvel...

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Posted in Entertainment on Apr. 14, 2014 by Renee Rhodes, Editor

The LCU Scholars Colloquium

The annual Lubbock Christian University Scholars Colloquium is happening this week on our campus. Despite going to school on campus, many students still don’t know what the Scholars Colloquium is. The Scholars Colloquium is an annual event every spring semester that highlights the scholarly...

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Posted in Campus Profile on Apr. 11, 2014 by Zach Woodbridge, Staff Writer